Gasworks Park and MV Skansonia Wedding

May 20, 2022


Welcome to Gasworks Park and MV Skansonia Wedding, brought to you by Family Affair Photography in the category of Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts and Design. We are a dedicated team of professional photographers who specialize in capturing the love and joy of your special day. With our expertise and passion for wedding photography, we can ensure that your memories will last a lifetime.

About Gasworks Park

Gasworks Park, located in Seattle, Washington, is a unique and picturesque venue that offers stunning views of the city skyline, Lake Union, and Mount Rainier. The park is situated on the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant and has retained some of the original structures, creating a distinctive industrial charm.

With its vast open spaces, lush greenery, and waterfront setting, Gasworks Park provides a beautiful backdrop for outdoor weddings. Our skilled photographers at Family Affair Photography have extensive experience capturing the natural beauty and charm of this remarkable location.

About MV Skansonia

The MV Skansonia is a historic ferry boat that has been converted into an elegant event venue. This iconic landmark, docked near Gasworks Park, offers a unique setting for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other special events. Steeped in history and charm, the MV Skansonia provides a romantic and intimate atmosphere for your wedding celebration.

Exquisite Wedding Photography

With our professional wedding photography services, we will capture every precious moment of your Gasworks Park and MV Skansonia wedding. Our team of talented photographers understands the importance of storytelling through images. We aim to create a visual narrative that reflects your unique love story, capturing the emotions, details, and candid moments that make your day truly special.

Utilizing the natural surroundings of Gasworks Park and the timeless elegance of the MV Skansonia, we create stunning portraits and candid shots that showcase the beauty of your wedding day. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations, delivering a collection of images that will leave you breathless.

Our Process

At Family Affair Photography, we believe in building strong relationships with our clients. We take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and desired outcomes for your wedding photography. This allows us to tailor our approach and ensure that every detail is captured and preserved for you to cherish.

Throughout the day, our photographers seamlessly blend into the background, discreetly capturing all the special moments and emotions. Whether it's the joyful tears during the vows, the laughter shared with loved ones, or the tender moments between the newlyweds, we strive to be there every step of the way, documenting your unique love story.

After the wedding, our team carefully selects and edits the images to enhance their natural beauty while maintaining their authenticity. We believe in delivering images that truly reflect the emotions and ambiance of your special day.

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If you're planning a wedding at Gasworks Park and MV Skansonia or any other location, contact Family Affair Photography today. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your vision, answer your questions, and provide you with the highest quality wedding photography services to ensure your memories are preserved beautifully. Trust us to capture the love and joy of your special day.