Photography in Spokane: Capturing the Essence of Beautiful Moments

Jan 7, 2024


Welcome to the enchanting world of photography in Spokane, where creativity and skill converge to immortalize precious moments. In this article, we delve into the vibrant world of photography stores & services, passionate photographers, and the exceptional event photography captured by the esteemed Kelly Tareski Photography.

Photography Stores & Services

Spokane is blessed with an array of top-notch photography stores & services that cater to diverse needs. Whether you are a beginner seeking guidance or a professional in search of cutting-edge equipment, Spokane has something for everyone.

Camera Corner

Camera Corner, located on Main Street, offers an extensive range of cameras, lenses, and photography accessories. Step into this haven for photography enthusiasts and immerse yourself in a world of technological wonders.

Picturesque Prints

If you're looking to bring your digital moments to life, Picturesque Prints is the place to be. From high-quality prints to stunning custom-designed photo books, their expertise ensures your memories are preserved in the most captivating way.

Photographers in Spokane

Spokane is home to an abundance of talented photographers who have mastered the art of capturing beauty in every frame. Their passion, dedication, and artistic vision make them the perfect choice for any occasion.

Jason Michaels

Jason Michaels, an accomplished photographer based in Spokane, possesses an unparalleled talent for wedding photography. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for capturing the love between couples, his photographs unfold like a fairytale.

Lily Anderson

Lily Anderson is a renowned portrait photographer who artfully brings out the best in her subjects. Her unique ability to capture raw emotions and genuine expressions ensures that every photograph tells a story that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Event Photography Like No Other

When it comes to event photography in Spokane, Kelly Tareski Photography shines bright. Their exceptional expertise in capturing the spirit and essence of any event is unparalleled, transforming moments into timeless treasures.

Immersive Wedding Photography

Kelly's ability to freeze moments filled with love and joy is truly remarkable. With a keen eye and an understanding of each couple's unique story, she creates breathtaking wedding albums that will forever remind you of that magical day.

Captivating Corporate Events

From corporate seminars to product launches, Kelly Tareski Photography excels in capturing the essence of every business event. The attention to detail and the ability to encapsulate the atmosphere in each photograph will leave you in awe.


With its vibrant photography stores & services, talented photographers, and remarkable event photography, Spokane stands out as a hub for visual storytellers. As you embark on your journey to immortalize special moments, don't forget to explore the stunning work of Kelly Tareski Photography. Their expertise and passion will ensure that your memories are beautifully captured, allowing you to relive them time and time again.